Samstag, 29. Juni 2013

Visit from Hamburg ♥ Little June haul

Hey Gals! (。・ε・。)

Today, my dear Nadine visited me in Berlin! ♥ (‐^▽^‐)

I really looked forward to it, because we haven't seen each other for a longer time.

Because of the strange temperature and weather I really had problems to choose what to wear today and I had all kind of things in my bag like extra socks, leggings, a top in case it gets colder. xD

I really made a bad face... just deleting it.
I also left out the flower hair accessoire afterwards,
so please don't mind this!

(But you may see that my hair is shorter again...
If I style it right it's almost like Yamazaki Miyu from GALS! (〃∇〃)
It wasn't on purpose though. -w

I picked her up at central station and the first thing we wanted to do is shopping at Forever 21 since she doesn't have this shop in Hamburg and she also was the one who told me about it here in Berlin.  -w

We both found some nice stuff and then continued walking down the shopping street at Zoologischer Garten.

☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*

Afterwards we were so hungry that we went to the "Ishin Tey" Japanese restaurant I wanted to try out since the other one in Friedrichstraße was nice and we didn't want to eat sushi.

So just a short review:


You can sit outside and inside. If you want to sit outside you can eat in silence and without a lot of curious looks from others.
The inside is designed traditionally. On the walls are on one side faked wooden windowframes with paper "glasses" as you may know it from traditional Japanese restaurants.


Here you have some great lunch menues with yakitori, tempura or other specialities, rice and side dishes but also of course sushi.
If you like Don or Cey-Ro there are a lot of options to choose from. You also can have stews or different kinds of miso soup.
There is a large amount of cold and warm appetizer.

We both chosen Gomae as a cold appetizer - that's spinach with sesame sauce - very delicious! The spinach was pretty fresh, crunchy and the sesame sauce wasn't too much or too less. The waiter also served some specific Japanese salt to make it spicier. Good choice!

As real lunch we decided for Cey-Ro Yakitori.
The chicken was very smooth and tasted too good! The rice was cooked well and the side dishes also fresh, crunchy or just yummy (Esp. the tamagoyaki and shiitake)

☆ Prices

Take a look here for further informations.

☆ Service

The waiters and waiteresses are really politely and they try to take excellent care of you.
You also got the free green tea here but there is no possibility to fill water again, but that's okay, since it's for free.
Serving time is fast and they really give you the feeling that you are an absolutely welcomed customer!

☆ bottom line☆

Atmosphere: ☆☆☆
Service: ☆☆☆☆☆
Food: ☆☆☆☆
Price: ☆☆☆☆

Total: ☆☆☆☆(☆)

☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*

Then we went to Neo Tokyo because of spotting some magazines but before we stopped at the photoautomat to take some classical slide pictures. <3 (〃∇〃)

I just love such old fashion stuff and what a pity that these beautiful automats got almost extinct! (T_T)

☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*

At Neo Tokyo I found a new magazine I haven't bought before.
I will show you some pages of "Cutie" the next time, I guess. (^__^)

I also bought the new one shot by Tanemura Arina. (〃∇〃)
I love her artwork and the whole manga seems to be an artbook instead. - w
It's about the boygroup "Fudanjuku" - indeed girls crossdressing as boys.
Weird thing but something I haven't read before so I needed this book for my collection.  (haha)

☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*

Then we just walked to Mamecha café and had some tea and dessert.

As for Nadine she ordered Matcha Latte and strawberry-pancake-cake. (Which was so delicious!)
I ordered some Matcha with anko sweets. ♥
We had some great time there, talking, watching people, flipping through the pages of the magazines until it was time to go because of her train back home. (T_T)

They not only have a whole collection of the japanese
"One Piece" manga but also a lot of fashion magazines. ♥

Got my Matcha and some bean sweets

The iced matcha latte always looks great...

... and the strawberry pancake was excellent. ♥

☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*

Saying goodbye and on my own way home, I stopped by the shopping mall, because I still want to have a nice maxi dress.
But the only "resort" things I've seen were overdesigned pants, leggings and shirts.
Not my style.

So I will look on the internet again... ヽ( )`ε´( )ノ

☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*