Samstag, 1. Juni 2013

Chocolate Biscuits

I was in the mood to make some chocolate waffles. ♥

I really love cookies and biscuits with chocolate but if you don't have any at home... why don't do it yourself?
It's pretty easy since it's only melting chocolate but here's the recipe anyways:

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Chocolate Biscuits

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☆ Ingredients 

 for a portion

cookies, biscuits or anything else you want
200g chocolate coating

☆ How to make 

☆ Prepare your chocolate coating

1. Cut the chocolate in very small pieces. The melting is faster and more regular if the pieces are small
2. Add the chocolate into a small bowl which fits in a saucepan
3. Add water in the saucepan (The bowl should not sink into it! If you have water mixed with the coating you can throw it away!)
4. Put the bowl in the saucepan
5. Heat it around 50-60°C, not more (It should be middle heat)
6. Wait until the coating is totally melted
7. Pull it away from the range

You can add vanilla flavour if you want to have some special taste.

I recommend this since white chocolate is extremly sweet and having some extra taste isn't wrong at all.

Or you may should use much more savoury cookies and biscuits. ^^

☆ Finish your biscuits

1. Take the buiscuits, cookies, ... and dip them into the coating
2. Decorate the chocolate biscuits with the decoration stuff

☆ If it's a present, don't forget to wrap it nicely!

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