Mittwoch, 19. Juni 2013

Dear Gals,

today I had a day off (tomorrow too) and so I decided to go out, meeting a friend. ^^
It was very hot in Berlin, but nevertheless I didn't want to stay at home, since it was so sunny. ♥

Because it was very hot I first wanted to wear a dress but I prefered shortpants this time.
Moreover I wanted to wear my leo tube top for the first time and so I combined it like the following.
The black bolero was pretty warm but because I easily get sunburned it's the better option. ^^;


My Ayu pendant was wih me another time.

I backcombed my hair slightly because it always
looks too flat since I let it grow and there isn't any haircut
in it at all.

☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*

Because I was early, I decided to go to AnnChristine, a shop I have often been but never found anything.
I met Tanja there by accident and so we just countinued looking through everything.

In the end she got a shoulder free shirt and I bought a nice bikini for 15€.
I always wanted to have  a second one but finding some well fitting seems difficult.

Afterwards we went to a small restaurant/bar around Hackesche Höfe to have a break, talked a lot about future plans & co. (haha) and then returned to her home.
Ordering some sushi online we just watched a nice movie and had yummy dinner within 30 minutes.

The only negative aspect of today was my way home.
Because the freaking bus didn't come at all I was stung by a lot of midges.
How I hate them! (T_T) 

It really was a funny day! ♥