Samstag, 16. April 2016

Speech Contest of the Japan Embassy

Hello Girls,

well, first I wanted to write about the small trip to Poland last weekend with my parents.
But yesterday I received a great message from the Japanese Embassy.

I don't know if I told you about it but last month I decided to take part in that competition's first round - writing an essay about my own relationship to Japan - "Japan and I".

I remembered that I wanted to take part the last time, too, but couldn't decide what to write,
It really is hard if you have such freedom to choose what exactly to write.
I always reminds me of the typical school essay "my greatest vacation's experience" or something like that...

But this time I gave it another try and finished in time!

I noticed too late that it's a national contest and so I didn't think that I'd make it to the second round...

I was invited to give a speech on May 12th!!
Fortunately it's in Berlin - so I don't have to travel far!
And: I can invite people. :)

I already decided who I want to be part of that event and I really hope that they can make it, because it's on a Thursday and of course people have to work, right?

But my penpal and friend Ayaka, who will be in Germany around that time, already agreed!

So now I have to improve my speaking skills and memorise my speech. <3

(And have to think about my outfit for that important event. Haha)

It's such a great chance because I can win a trip to Japan.
(And as 2nd or 3rd place also some great materials from the Embassy)

But most of all I can say "Thank you" to everyone and everything who gave me a reason to keep on studying Japanese and be interested in Japan culture, too.

If it weren't for those people and things I wouldn't write this blog entry, too, you know? <3