Samstag, 30. April 2016

"Shigatsu wa kimi no uso" photo shooting

What a glorious day!!

How have you been?

I was so looking forward for this weekend and moreover prayed a lot to the weather god
that there won't be any rain at least today - thank you, God!

Thanks to the wonderful Gino, I was able to do this cosplay shooting so soon.

I love Kaori but I still don't have enough time and motivation to sew costumes anymore.

Gino sold her Kaori dress and I was so lucky to get the chance to buy it!

She sent it immediately to me, so it already arrived on Friday! <3

Therefore I met with my good friend Cris and took some photos.

First, we wanted to go to Potsdam or Werder but we were so tired of the whole week that we give in and just walk around our local park.

Here are some of the results. <3

Usually I'm always really scared of wearing blonde,
but I really like that one here. <3