Sonntag, 27. März 2016

Meet-up with Nadine in Berlin

Hello! <3

As you can see, I'm finally able to blog a little bit more often.
Let's how long I can do this, haha...

On Saturday I was finally able to meet my dear Nadine after such a long time!!

We haven't seen each other for more than a year... I guess... 2014?
I'm not sure - so I was really happy to see her again.

(And if my cold comes back to me after that day... it was worth it!)

So I decided to do my nails for her the evening before, haha.

The March issue of CanCam had some great Jill Stuart nail sticker as a gimmick
and I wanted to try them out because they really give you some spring feeling!

We started at Hauptbahnhof, where I picked her up.

I was really proud of her accomplished goal to lose weight - 24 kg!
She always looked good but now also really healthy! <3

(If you ask about her success: eating normally and healthy food, doing workouts everyday - and really: She still eats ice-cream, fried chicken, etc.)

We wanted to make Purikura this time and so we went to the J-Store shop.

Because we were too early we stopped at an Asian market first, just looking for some special sauce and I myself bought some buckwheat noodles.

The J-Store when was already open around 11.45 AM and here they are:

We really are a little bit stiff... haven't done Purikura for a while now

but still I really love them. <3

And funny thing that we both wear a denim blouse that day!

As I told you once before, Nadine introduced me to these awesome photo booths.

We continued our journey to Zoologischer Garten because we wanted to so some... window shopping but in the end it was more than that - of course.

My first ZARA item ever - finally.

Clothes never fit me before.

I wanted to have some simple red shirtdress - I love that colour so much! <3

And going to UNIQLO - I also found a nice little dress.

I want to combine it with a cute little denim jacket and brown sandals.

So what else?

After doing some shopping for her boyfriend we went to a nice café at

Friedrichstraße and finally had our girl's talk, looking through some magazines, etc.

This day meant so much to me!

I really missed her and since the distance has gotten bigger we have to call each other much often which is also great but not the same, right?

I really treasure such days like today!!