Sonntag, 8. Mai 2016

Mother's Day - Easy pie recipe



Of course I won't write the whole thing in Japanese.
But it's true, that I have to practise a lot because...
Speech contest will take place in less than 5 days!!!
Now there's the slight feeling of anxiousness.

Yesterday I met up with my new tandem partner Yuka-san.
We talked in Japanese and German and it was hard to do so but I really enjoyed our time!
We'll definitely meet again!
 But that's not today's topic.

Today is.... mother's day.

Did you enjoy this day?
Enjoy doing something for your mother?
Saying "thank you" to her in a loveable way?

As for me I enjoyed it as a children but didn't like it when I was a teenager.
Guess it was the typical "Don't like to do anything" phase back when.
I'm sorry mum!

But now I really enjoy it again.
Because I moved out from home the day will start in the afternoon.
I prepared a little present for her.
This time it's something cute but also handy.
She likes gardening - and so I bought her cute little decoration accessories.

I also baked a cake yesterday.
It's an apple rhabarber pie.

Very easy to make:

1 tsp salt
120g sugar
250g flour
150g sliced butter

then add 125ml cold water

Put the pastry in the refridgerator for at least 2 hours.
(In the meantime I went to the drugstore haha...)

Afterwards: roll the pastry until it's approx. 3mm thick.
Put it in the buttered backing tin.

Fill it with sliced 1 1/2 apples and 200g rhabarber.
(Please buy sweet apples!)

Preheat the oven with 200°C and bake it 30-45min.

You can serve this lukewarm or just like any other pie.
Sprinkle sugar on the surface or even do a brief mixture of sugarwater, so the surface will look glossy and you may won't need another big topping of sugar.

Before and After

The backing tin's radius is 28cm