Dienstag, 23. Dezember 2014

Seeing the stars over Amsterdam [2]

We slept pretty well in our bed but... there were so many mosquitos... little itchy beasts!
Hannah killed them all - not funny at all but afterwards we took care of open windows and lights on, etc.

On the second day we looked for our fine restaurant to have breakfast but we didn't manage to find it.
After an hour we stopped and... found another one: De Vergulde Lantaarn.

This would be our favourite for the next day as well!
You can choose between Dutch or British Breakfast and we chose the first one.
For 5,90€ we got a lot of buns, toast, egg and ham and cheese plus marmelade.
The English breakfast tea was also pretty great!
The waitress was so nice and the other day they gave me extra toast because I can't eat the fried egg which went to my friend. ;)

Having finally a good start we changed our plans.
First we wanted to do the museum tour on the second day but shopping was a better option - so we walked a lot and out feet really hurt with blisters in the evening!
But hey: almost-nurse and med-student know how to deal with it!

Also with extreme situations...

While we were shopping and wanted to go to another shop suddenly it smelt like smoke.

Because there was construction work on some roofs we didn't pay much attention but then the smoke became thicker and larger and everything went pretty fast from when on:

First we were evacuated from a shop, then the whole side road was evacuated and the fire brigade came with three vehicles!

But rather than worrying we stayed calm and continued looking around.
The bunch of people outside just watched the spectale and after leaving the other shop I also had to take a quick look: a whole loft was burning!

As I told you before houses in Amsterdam are pretty small but got a few floors, so it really is a problem to get in there a fireman - they just could try to extinguish the flames from outside.

After that incident we walked around the town and came to another nice district near the Bloemenmarkt.
The Bloemenmarkt is by the way pretty interesting, because you can buy tulips in every colour but also Cannabis for your home to seed...

Oh and there is a crazy Christmas shop as well with original made in China products. Haha~
But it wasn't allowed to take pictures. Unfortunately.
You should have seen this.

For a break we discovered a 360° panorama lounge in a shopping mal and went up by elevator.
We drank delicious home made ice tea and enjoy the view.

It was pretty warm because the sun was shining so much but also beautiful.

Spending some time there we headed towards the next goal:
Walking through a lof of side roads near the river and just enjoying the time.
Actually it was a "Fault in Our Stars" movie walk I planned secretly. <3

Oh and I forgot:
We took a look at a great cheese store. <3
You must know that there are a lot of cheese stores in Amsterdam - Henri Willig has got 13!

But one of these stores is pretty cool!
They have a model of a cheese making station and you can try every cheese that you can buy!
Furthermore you can try the great filled waffles and the chocolate and the saleswomen are so nice that you even can take a photo with them.

The one I got also learnt a bit German back when.
She was so lovely! ♥

"What the hell" moments

(9) 13 Henri Willig stores, selling the same cheese all over again.

(10) Lemon curd is so expensive there... but they also have Schwartau! ... For 5,90€, the S size.

(11) The Bench used in "The Fault in Our Stars" movie was taken away right after knowing about it.