Donnerstag, 18. Dezember 2014

Cosplay: Meg (Hercules) / Aihara Mei (Citrus)

Good evening, gals!

Today just a short cosplay view...

I spent last weekend with Risa and we decided to do some little home photo shooting since we found such a lovely manga names "Citrus".

It's about Yuzu and Mei - Yuzu, more like a Gyaru (still, Kotobuki Ran will be the Gal Number 1! ;D), 

Mei - the cool and strict type - who become step sisters.
First they don't get along at all but there's more than just being "sisters" at a moment's notice. 
Claimed as a Shoujo-Ai you can tell there this will lead.

Usually I don't read Shonen-Ai or Shojo-Ai but like EikiEiki Saburo Uta makes a good story out of this.

The photoshooting was fun - but it was hard with the self-timer... haha.


The next big project for me is


Risa, myself and others are planning a Disney Princess group for
the bookfair in Leipzig next year.

So Megara is my chosen character - I just love her.

I was first really frustrated about the hair because you see...

That's a LOT of hair and I really don't like to buy three wigs just for having
one in the end... But lucky me got a good one with a butterfly clip part.

In the photo it's a really dark colour but as you can see there it a red one in it.
Now I just have to find a way to fix the wig on my head because it's heavy. -w

I also was in the mood to try out the makeup.

Problem: Find a good purple eyeshadow without going to KIKO
and without paying too much money for it.
Really... seems to be impossible.
That you can see it here ... five layers.
Nothing more to say about.

Well I liked it and just have to do the eyebrow part a little bit more and maybe
wear a darker lipstick.

And there is also another character waiting for me...
but not this time. <3