Montag, 15. Dezember 2014

Review: ANNY green tea growth energizer

Hello gals,

today I just want to give you a short review.
Today I went Christmas shopping and finally found all the presents.
I also had to buy a new mobile phone since my old one was dying after two years.

Since I rarely go to Douglas it was pretty nice to make a stop today.
I looked for a nice little present for my mother and found... a lot I wanted to buy.

Then I looked for some nail polish by ANNY and found another interesting article.

As you may know: working as a nurse I often have to sanatize my hands.
That means that my skin really becomes dry and sensitive after using the sanatizer too much.
Therefore I have my Polish handcream and it's okay after three days.
But my nails are really brittle.
Wearing nail polish is nearly impossible since it's splintered after 2 days.

So Douglas had two options:
Having a 2-3 weeks cure with Micro cell or trying out ANNYs green tea extract articles.
The problem with Micro cell is that you have to use it 2-3 weeks at a stretch and that won't work.
The green tea growth energizer have to be done a few days a week and it's more like a massage.
Moreover Micro cell costs twice the price since you need the special nail polish remover for 13€ !

Let's see if it works!
I tried it out this evening and after treatment the nails already feels a little bit better, less brittle.

You just have to drip it on your nails and cuticle, let it be for a short while and then massage it well enough.
It's 15ml, like a nail polish, 9,95€.
The product line also offers green tea sensitive hardener and hyaluronic shot.

And another thing I really liked:
Annayake parfum! ♥

This brand is expensive - you have to pay 70-80€ for a eau de toilette at douglas and around 50€ on other websites.
Still this fragrance really hit me!
I haven't smelled something like that before - it really reminds me of a festival.
Maybe someday I will buy it... but not for 80€ - haha.

♥ ♥ 

This weekend I spent with Lisa ~ maybe I will give you a short view of our
homemade photoshooting the next time I will write.