Sonntag, 2. Februar 2014

Still studying

Hey Gals!

I'm still studying for my midterm exam on Tuesday.
Last weekend I caught a cold but I finally recovered.

Good thing: I'm not excited at all.
Finally I think that some stuff is saved in my head.
My long-term memory slot is working, haha...

Bad thing: I eat too much chocolate to stay concentrated.
I will try with dextrose from tomorrow on. (T_T)

And this is just anatomy stuff.
Almost. |D

I hope my good study mood will continue.

And I hope that my result will be good.
Guess it will be a little fight with that teachers but it can't be helped...

Afterwards I may should start to motivate
some girls of our class to be part
of a music video parody for nursing school.

I want to have some memorable stuff at least
and it could be very funny to record.

Song lyrics are already written,
script too.