Samstag, 22. Februar 2014

Cosplay procedure

Hey Gals! ♥

I didn't do anything special in the last three weeks except drawing some pictures and writing my essays.
But since the beginning of the week I started to get my cosplays finished. ^^

I finally get used to patterns. xD

(Yeah, I did it without the whole 9 years, since I started with cosplay - with 2 exceptions)

And I really don't want to do any jackets without a pattern anymore. Really.

This is one part of the costume. Now I have to do the applications
on it, so it doesn't look boring anymore. ^^

It wasn't planned that I sew the Debut-outfit right now.
But I couldn't resist when I got everything at the market yesterday.
Now I just have to add the collar, the seam and sew the hat.
Finding the right accessoires shouldn't be so hard.

(I think I just will put the skirt part a little bit more on the waistline.^^; )

Both are partner cosplays with my dear Lisa.
The "UtaPri" one will be with "Tomo-chan" in red.
We found a pretty nice fanart. ♥

Not it seems that I may should go two days to Leipzig bookfair.
Haha... I shouldn't! MONEY!
(And I will feel too exhausted after that weekend and have to start with early shift again on Monday...)