Dienstag, 4. Februar 2014

Passed! ♥

The good news come first: I passed! ♥

I really got a bit nervous yesterday and had to take a break forcefully after my head began to hurt and my circulation told me "Enough of studying!"

I still have to take it slow with that cold... >_>


I felt prepared, drew my topic number and had the "nice" stuff called "tumour of the mamma".
Absolutely not the thing I learnt at all - of course. ^^;

But the topic is pretty easy if it comes to care and pathology - the only thing that wasn't easy is of course anatomy.

In the end I talked so much about the tumour formation that she couldn't asked further about surgery contents. TG!

Well, they gave me a 2.3 - that's much better than I imagined.
I'm happy, relieved and can finally relax a bit.

I don't have to rerun the exam - TG again!

That's it for today! ♥