Samstag, 4. Juni 2016

Little Presents from Japan

Hello my dear ones,

how have you been?

It's such an odd season - right now it's too warm for me
but the good thing is... I finally can wear my dresses and skirts
again. <3

But this time it's all about gifts from Japan!!


When I met Ayaka on the Speech Contest's day
she brought me a small cute bag - there were my
favourite KitKat's inside (Matcha! <3)
but many more...

So it was a really traditional gift bag with such cute
designs - A tea towel with the Fujisan on it.
A koi printed fan and small little cards and envelopes
made of Japanese paper.

Risa wanted to send me a package since Autumn
and now look what arrived...

She asked what I wanted to have and I only had
two things in mind: a cute printed mask and some lunch
box items. So she picked a lunchbox (two bowls in one) with
a dog design and two Alice in Wonderland styled masks. <3

There was also a lot of stationary stuff which I really adore! <3

I also met Kotone almost 2 weeks ago.

She brought me that beautiful letter set with flowers
and also another one with a small ribbon and some
sticky notes. <3

But I didn't enjoy only the gifts... but the wrapping
paper, as well! I love it! Isn't it cute?!

And this is how the lunch box set works.
A rice bowl and the upper box you can fill with
another topping.
It is closed safely so it won't spill.


I so long for going to Japan again and buying a lot
of great things. (;___;)

I really miss all the cute little things.
You don't need them... but it's nice to have them!