Sonntag, 19. Juni 2016

A really short Shopping Haul

... which is already a little while ago. :'D
I met with a dear friend one Friday after work and
we just met up to go to our English café but it was closed
and now it's... a Bangkok one.

We didn't want to go there so we decided to go to
Wilmersdorfer Straße, doing some window shopping
and having a nice coffee or whatever.

Tanja introduced me to a student café-bar that I want
to recommend you the next time, I'll write about soon.

So... what did we find?

Do you know the shop TIGER?

This one got a lot on unnecessary stuff but with a lot of
childhood memories, too. Games, crayons, kendama, ... it was
fun just to look at all the stuff. Furthermore there was a lot of cute
stationary stuff, too!

I used the time to buy some silly presents for friends just beause I can!

I was always kidding with my twinsnake that we would
paint a huge pink strawberry on the kitchen wall (just as
it was seen at PomPom's crêpes back when).
So THIS strawberry jewellery case was just perfect for her! :D

And here are more presents...
Some ducks for Hannah who is so in love with them and
collects everything with them.
A headband with Elsa for a friend's daughter who will be enrolled
in school this year. (She's in love with Elsa, haha)
And a bracelet for sisters. The golden one's for my lil' sister of course. <3

They even got some alcoholic markers.
I still have to try them out, but they were cheap, so why not?
Water colors!

And here... is some upcoming cosplay stuff.
I want to do a remake of Misty in August.
The brown pants are for Saki.
I just love them!! <3

Some more clothing...
A flourish t-shirt and finally a thin black cardigan again...
I lost mine some years ago and I was always in trouble
finding this one again. <3