Montag, 15. Juni 2015

June Haul

Hey! ♥

After searching for a long time I finally found a lot
of nice clothes on Saturday.

I went to Ku'damm after work to go to UNIQLO and FOREVER 21.

There were a lot of great items and I really would have
looked a little bit more through the wardrobe but to be serious...
that would not have been good and I would have spent
too much money.

Most of the items were on sale nevertheless. ♥

So, here's what I bought:

F21 items:
a denim dark blue flared skirt, denim hot pants, denim shirt,
short top with floral print, scrunchies

UNIQLO items:
grey cotton maxiskirt, black striped 3/4 shirt, Where's Wally T-Shirt

My lil'sis told me that these items were absolutely me... haha.
Oh and because I mentioned "absolutely me" ...

And afterwards I just stopped at DOUGLAS because last time
I finally found some awesome lipstick-lipgloss:

chubby stick by CLINIQUE.
And I wanted to have some new nail polish that maybe last longer than
others: ANNY #183 Absolutely me.

Really expensive since I usually don't buy expensive cosmetics.

Some dressroom pictures

I liked that top but after wearing it I knew why it
was so cheap: one size too small!

It really was a fine afternoon for myself.

Sometimes we all need such days, right?

Next blog entry will be about


And as for now... I continue watching
the kdrama and doing some Korean studies

Yes, I started studying Korean.