Dienstag, 14. April 2015

Shooting during cherryblossom season

Hello Gals!

Yesterday my friend Viki and I went to the location "Gardens of the World"

because the cherry blossoms are flourishing and it's always so beautiful to be seen!

Indeed it was yesterday, too!

The weather wasn't the best - it was pretty cool, a little bit rainy, too windy...
but nevertheless we took some photos of each other.

I wanted to wear my little star-patterned shirt dress and that was a nice chance to do so!

Here are some pictures taken by this time of Viki.

(I'm not allowed to show photos of her - haha)

It was a pretty nice day!

We celebrated out little reunion with a yummy chocolate
ice cream cup in the café.

I was so happy afterwards because of these nice hours.

Really, spending time with your friends just is great.


So today I went to the drugstore and just printed out some photos
and also a photo collage which you can make via the printing machine.

It's so nice!!

I sent the collage to Viki.
A surprise letter, haha! <3

Okay, tomorrow starts the real thing:

I'll start my first day working as a real nurse. <3

I wasn't in the mood for the last few weeks
but right now I'm so motivated.

I think I finally got my "high spirits" back.

So I'm really looking forward to it!

 ~ yorushiku onegai shimasu! ♥
Please be generous and overlook any problems!

So I'll watch 20th episode of the "Itazura na Kiss"
anime again!

♥     ♥

And next time I have to tell you about last week's
short trip to London! <3