Dienstag, 22. April 2014

Starting with colors - renovation (2)

♥ 2014.04.07 ♥

So today we finally begun.

I had to wait some time because my dad still got work to do and I really needed his help for some tricky things.

First step at all is clearing the walls.
It took us three hours because some old wallpaper (we moved in a flat, that was built in 1960s, so there were already some layers and you NEED the layers because the walls are hard to renovate).

Today just a little before & after picture.

♥ 2014.04.08 ♥

Everything went right with the white wallpapers, they didn't fall off.
The most important point.

I had to sleep in the living room and it was an uncomfortable night but at least I had sight on the beautiful moon! ♥

So today was the real renovation.
My dad had to help with the courses and so I did most of the colouring.

It really was fun and relaxing work but I still don't like to whiten walls. (>_<)

First I was really worried because the colour looked so different
from the colour card - it was all strawberry pudding! xD

In the back corner is the nice twilight color again.

Vlies wallpaper aren't very nice to put on.
But it also worked well.

And I bought a cute little lamp at Ikea.
It's also in twilight and gives a warm light. ♥
I love it.

I can't give you a full view of my room because it's just not possible
but these are the important corners. :)
Where the wall unit is standing, I coloured the wall in twilight, too. ♥

I'm feeling really happy with it and much more comfortable.
The light wooden coloured furniture isn't also too bad.
It gives the room a much warmer atmosphere.

♥   ♥   ♥

So next blog entry will be finally about the hanami in Berlin.