Dienstag, 21. Januar 2014

Gyaru meme - Day 1

So, today I want to start a gyaru meme - I guess it's pretty well known everywhere on the internet but I just love doing a meme from time to time.

Sometimes you can discover yourself a bit more. ^^

Okay, enough jabbered - let's start with the first day! ♥

Note: I know that I wouldn't call myself "gyaru" in the usual way.
I'm more a natural type and still I love to express myself, to show some outfits, etc.
Also I'm pretty aware of the fact that I have a lot to learn and want to learn a lot.
I'm still a beginner. ♥

Still "gyaru" inspired my life - is it because of Super Gals! in 2004 or is it because of all the great fashion magazines since 2009 I've been reading...
So for me this meme is a bit more of a "myself" thing right now~

Day 01 – When did you start dressing gyaru?

I guess it started with the May issue 2009 of the magazine Seventeen.

Before when I haven't been a girl who liked makup and stuff so much.

Until graduation I really didn't wear daily makeup.

Want to have an evidence?

2007 I tried some sort of kayal out but didn't think it fit me.

In 2008 really tried out makeup after attending Emilie Autumn's concert!
This beautiful queen of singing had such a great styling... I really loved it! ♥
(But I was too shy & stupid to use eyeliner in a proper way - and I didn't dare a lot because of fearing the reactions of my courses - we weren't best friends...)

Yes, there isn't a photo of 2009 because it was the baddest year of weight and look.
I absolutely NEVER want to have +5kg over normal weght... NEVER! (T_T)

In 2010 I started to love Asian haircuts and doings - and then I had my
Hikki-time and cutted my hair like her. Again and again until it was the short "Prisoner of Love" cut<3
It was a long way until it growed back in its old way.

I started to use and love pink eyeshadow in 2011 and just get tired by it in 2013.
Since when I love brown natural eye makuep.

So since last year I tried a bit with blush, eye brow pencil, etc. and I want to try even harder to get nice results regarding eye makeup.

One goal therefore is to get the image of bigger eyes without circle lenses.
(I can't wear them).
Another point in makeup for this year is nose contouring and techniques to imitate a thinner face. ♥

☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*

Ok, fashion was the next hard point.

I can remember how a former classmate told me last year when we met "I really like your style! You know... you know what to wear, what suits you and you look different from others!"

I thanked for that compliment, truly grateful.

And I have to say that it was a long way... as for fashion as for accepting compliments.

I absolutely was into Japan and popculture and I loved the seifuku (and read GALS!) but although there was a slight wish to be like them I had aber priorities in life (esp. sports). ^^;

When I bought my first Seventeen magazine I was so in love with all the great outfits and looks.
And you know: Seventeen has got very natural outfits.

So I tried to copy outfits but I have to admit that it was gross.

Here's some (bad) fashion history:

2007-2008 I loved checked clothes and accessoires - I rarely wear skirts and moreover
didn't wear dresses because I was the sporty type, being busy playing volleyball and everything.

And I really love to have some gothic elements. Seriously...
... except the gothic elements it was a gross.

2009 - The only real outfit I tried.

It was a stylish white shirt, black knee-length pants
and dark violett boots. It was okay with the coat on
but not without it. ^^;


2011 - Try out a lot of different styles.

Be a nerd, be a chic, be a stud... whatever.
Some outfits I still really like but I would try more with hairstyle
and makeup.

Seeing the influence of Japanese fashion magazines?
A friend and I made our own photoshooting!
That was a funny day - haha. xD

2012 - ... it goes on and on with streetstyle combinations & co
That's an outfit I never wore but only for the picture.
I still wonder why.


2013 - ... since I know that I love girly or ladylike fashion
I'm absolutely into this.

My wardrobe filled itself with dresses, skirts, etc.

☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*

So only since the end of last year I really thought about the gyaru lifestyle.

I love doing my nails if I have holidays (I'm not allowed to wear coloured nails at work).
I love doing my hair (although I lack a lot in that but it gets better!)
I love doing my makeup every morning so I can start the day cheerfully!
I love shopping!
I love meeting my friends and talking about gal things.

I just love being a gal in every way!

(In earlier days I wished to be a boy because they have it easier... that was my thought but now I'm happy to be a gal and to have the chance to express myself with makeup, fashion, etc.)

☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*

Therefore I have to mention my dear friend Nadine - if it wasn't for her I would never have made up my mind about clothes and makeup so much at first.

She really showed me in a subtile way that it's so fun to go shopping and doll up yourself.
I always love her makeup and her stylings and it's great to spend time together (even if it's 300km away).
Since 2006 we're friends and this should never ends!

She also showed me the first purikura machine. ♥
(Back when in Hamburg in the OCS store and that was another start for wanting more and more to live in a happy and cheerful way.)

☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*

By wearing "gyaru" it's not only clothes, lashes or circle lenses for me.
I can't wear lenses and I wouldn't - still I love them!

Wearing "gyaru" has also got the part of "being".
If I am myself, confident and straight-forward I can feel it.

It makes one strong.
Believe in myself and do what I like as long as I obey the general rules of behaviour is okay.
But that's another topic I will discuss -- I guess Day 5 of this meme.

But of course I want to improve in styling and fashion - just in my pace and my way of styling. ♥

☆*゚ ゜ For reference ゜゚*

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