Mittwoch, 23. April 2014

Hanami Berlin 2014

My dear Gals,

today I report about the cherry blossom festival in Berlin, which is held every year in April in the Gardens of the World.

For me it's a tradition to go there since 2007.
There were some lacks because of graduation, work or weather but this year I was also able to go.

Therefore I went to Lisa's in the morning so we could have some breakfast and getting ready for the festival.
I definitely should have slept more.
It wasn't easy for me to give some bright shining smiles all the day.     -w

We had some nice time there, met a bunch of people (Hello, Lau! ♪) and took some photos.
In the end it really was a calm day.
Usually there are a lot people we are with but this time it was just us two alone.

Because there was also a stall of Neo Tokyo I just took the chance to get the new Popteen issue.
I couldn't resist. ♥

Some funny things of the day:

♫   Elderly people were really interested to ask us about the festival and the phenomena 'cosplay'.
♪    Three groups of Asian people wanted to take photos with us. (Why?! xD)
♫   Kids around 12-14 yrs. addressed us formally with the German "Sie"
      (You just use this for grown ups. So we felt some kind of old. Haha.)
♪    It was too easy to get in if you have an annual ticket. I really felt sorry for all the people who had to stand       in the long queues (I guess there were... three of them?)

I also did some video recording, so there aren't a lot of pictures of the festival itself.
In the end there weren't any cherry blossoms at all because they were all gone with the wind. ^^;

So just some screen shots from the video data ♥

One of the three crowds - and just the half of it

Byebye, cherryblossoms!
See you next year! (;///;)

The weather was better than expected.
We prayed!

Some dancing and other performances

But THEY could also dance

Just when we wanted to go home a nice Kirito cosplayer
asked us for some pictures and we said 'Yes'.

... then he wasn't the only one.
Some unknown audience got together at the place.
WHY? (x/D")

Just a short thought of people and photos

I really don't have a problem that people take pictures.
If you are a cosplayer and went to such a public event you have to think of it.
BUT:  it would be all over nice if people could just ask before taking photos.

It's just a "Please wait, I want to take a picture of you!" and I would usually say "Okay."

So why is it always a problem for others?
They also don't want that WE take pictures of THEM without asking.

We are cosplayers but we are no dolls!
That is always a fact that really gets on my nerves when I attend a convention.


So and last but not least some pictures of our little shooting.

I finally wore the yukata my penpal Chie sent me last year.
It was a little fight to get the obi right but thanks to Youtube no problem. ;D

The shoes aren't fitting but it was too cold
for real geta (>.<)"

I really love this last picture.
Editing the colours was much fun. ♥


Dienstag, 22. April 2014

Starting with colors - renovation (2)

♥ 2014.04.07 ♥

So today we finally begun.

I had to wait some time because my dad still got work to do and I really needed his help for some tricky things.

First step at all is clearing the walls.
It took us three hours because some old wallpaper (we moved in a flat, that was built in 1960s, so there were already some layers and you NEED the layers because the walls are hard to renovate).

Today just a little before & after picture.

♥ 2014.04.08 ♥

Everything went right with the white wallpapers, they didn't fall off.
The most important point.

I had to sleep in the living room and it was an uncomfortable night but at least I had sight on the beautiful moon! ♥

So today was the real renovation.
My dad had to help with the courses and so I did most of the colouring.

It really was fun and relaxing work but I still don't like to whiten walls. (>_<)

First I was really worried because the colour looked so different
from the colour card - it was all strawberry pudding! xD

In the back corner is the nice twilight color again.

Vlies wallpaper aren't very nice to put on.
But it also worked well.

And I bought a cute little lamp at Ikea.
It's also in twilight and gives a warm light. ♥
I love it.

I can't give you a full view of my room because it's just not possible
but these are the important corners. :)
Where the wall unit is standing, I coloured the wall in twilight, too. ♥

I'm feeling really happy with it and much more comfortable.
The light wooden coloured furniture isn't also too bad.
It gives the room a much warmer atmosphere.

♥   ♥   ♥

So next blog entry will be finally about the hanami in Berlin.

Donnerstag, 17. April 2014

Rostock / Warnemünde

Hey Gals,

I'm just a little late with the report about my tour to Rostock & Warnemünde alsmost two weeks ago.

For the people who don't know lots about Germany: both cities are at the sea and Rostock always have been a really important one because of its huge harbour and shipyard.
Warnemünde is right now a very famous destination for tourists and... people who would like to see seahounds and seabears.

♥     ♥

Going there was a pretty spontaneous decision.
I friend lives there because of studying and so I finally took the chance to get there again.
All in all we really had a nice time together. <3

First we brought my luggage to her new home and flat.
She really was lucky because the previous tenant is a master painter and so the flat was really in a nice shape with a lot of given living accessoires. Perfect for whose who have a low budget.

We then did some shopping for dinner and breakfast and went to Warnemünde by train.
It was just a short stop because we wanted to buy a transparent umbrella.
I love these ones so much - they are handy and good looking. <3

After having another stop in the chocolaterie we finally got to Rostock.
I haven't got much memories of the city when I was there almost 20 years ago so I really was surprised that it is somehow a cute little city. <3

The weather wasn't the best but we walked through the historic city, did some small shopping and had a funny time at the little funfair.
My friend won a cute Hello Kitty Nurse while doing the duck fishing (funny child's game at funfairs) - she gave me that one and I return the favour by giving her the prize of playing balloon dart.

Just saved this little guy from bad bycicles

The Finland shop with a lot of Moomin

Loved this fabric shop with the decoration

Afterwards we walked a lot more, saw a lot of the city and just got home around 9PM.
I was so tired that I just collapsed on the couch as we watched "In Time".
(Nice movie by the way)

On Sunday we did our real Warnemünde trip.

Starting with the science center for seahound research we took part in the presentation of the center and also got the chance to watch the seahound training.

They are really incredible cute creatures! ♥

But it's sad to know that they are just there because the zoos abadon them because of younger male seahounds (propagation's reason) ...

The animals really love to be trained, to play, to be occupied and the staff really is into it.

I decided that I want to take a swimming course with seahounds in summer.
It's really expensive but I want to do it once in my life.

Going to the lighthouse, having a harbour tour, eating some delicious Dansh ice cream and buying a 50% beautiful red blouse (lucky me!) it then was already time to return to the mainstation in Rostock because of my train back home.

I really wish that I could have spent much more time there!

♥     ♥

Next blog entry will be about the finishing of renovating my room.
I'm happy since a week and really love the colours. ♥

Sonntag, 6. April 2014

Cherry Blossom Shooting

Hey Gals!

On Thursday I went with Lisa to the Gardens of the world, the recreational park area in Berlin.

Because the cherry blossom trees are flourishing for a week now we decided to take early photos.
Usually we would just have waited for the hanami next week but maybe it's all over when. (T_T)

It was pretty nice weather and warm, too.
The people were as nice as ever when they noticed us.

Best quotes so far by two elderly women who looked at our full bags:
"The two of them need a bag carrier!"

People even wanted to take pictures of me because it seemed I fit to the surrounding.   ~w

♥   ♥   ♥

My choice of cosplay was "Taiwan (Xiao Mei)" of Hetalia.

I don't like the series too much, but the characters hit my heart and Taiwan is one of the cutest. ♥
I tried her already four years ago at the bookfair in Leipzig but since when never worn her again.
When I tried the wig now and did some makeup... it really was a change.

You want to see?
(Whatever - I show you nevertheless the before & after)

I didn't work much on the cosplay, just did some little things but  most of the change are just makeup, a little bit of different bangs styling and... almost -10kg... or just getting older. |D

So here are some shots of the day! ♥