Montag, 24. April 2017

Spring's starting for me, too

Hello Girls!
How are you doing, today?

It is spring or at least the calendar told us so...
but the weather is a real upside down.
I wish for some for degrees and much more for the sun.

Well, in an hour I have to go to work.
I started working in the ice-cream parlour like I did in 2011, just another location.
It's not all guns and roses but it's the best option I had for sure.
In September I'll start my acquaintanceship an getting ready to become a graphic designer.
I'm happy that this turned out well, finally.

Actually, I always wanted to become a graphic designer since I was a high school student but never made it.
I think, I didn't put enough effort into trying back when.
Now it's different.
The hard work will start in September and the pre-walk was hard, too, but I'm so looking forward to it.

Well and I slacked off training recently... Haha....
but that's the problem if I stand the whole day in the shop - My legs are trained, cardio as well, but my upper body part... I'll start again this week!

But the best part just happened to me on 4th March 2017.

I can't tell you how happy I am and how really, really, REALLY blessed I feel...

Through all the years there was this one person in my heart who I couldn't forget at all...
To be honest, he was my first one true love and that made it even harder to try to forget, right?

We really suited each other back when but due to certain circumstances I just couldn't go on in the relationship and have to berak it. Unfortunately.
I really regret it afterwards and I usually don't regret any decisions in my life because at that moment I couldn't have done better.
But that break-up was something I really regret.
Moreover, I realized 2015 that I still love him and that I fall more and more in love with him every single day.

Well, kissing frogs didn't help, too, and after having my heart broken in January "I don't want to have a boyfriend again!" - I told myself but of course that's just temporarily.
In my opinion everybody longs for love.
(Not the partnership love but love in its basics.)
As for me I want to have somebody by my side who loves me, who wants to be loved by me, who I can marry in the future, have a family, etc. ...

So when January happened I really felt in two ways...
The first was my own break-up, the second that my first love had suddenly a relationship.
Haha... well I tried to convince myself I was just so down because it was the final end, that we both went on, etc. ... But the real feeling was something else.

Thanks to my little sister I was able to go through this all and much more... to be honest for the first time and to tell my feelings directly.
I'm not good in telling somebody that I love that person in the first way.
I'm a coward.
But I want to change to a better person and being honest and true to yourself is so important.
Much more I was sure that I would regret it for the rest of my life if I didn't confess.

My sis asked him directly what he was thinking abnout me and... well... things developed ...

We call each other "the idiot's couple" because... somehow we are.
But it's funny and nobody else is like this.

We still complement each other in the best way and we still need to learn how it is if another person cares for you the best way he or she can... It's nothing we experienced before.

He's the best what have ever happened in my life.

He gives me so much strength it's unbelievable.


I just love him.

For over 7 years, for 7 more, for the whole future I want to spend with him.

Really girls... it doesn't matter WHAT it is you fight for...
but do it.

Do it because you only have this one life.

I think it's important to fight for the things you want to have happen in life.
It's not always possible to accomplish but at least we tried.

In my opinion, regretting is something we can prevent a lot...  and we should.

So... the next time will be a blog entry about.... food.
Yes. I think so.

I have been going to a lot of restaurants this year and most of them were just adorable and delicious. <3