Freitag, 20. März 2015

Life keeps changing

Hello Gals,

how are you doing?

Right now I'm suffering from a beginning cold.

That's some kind of bad because I've got some plans
for next week but can't help it.

Important point is to pass exam on Tuesday,
so I have to recover fast!

What kind of things to eat while you're ill?

Usually you don't have much appetite, right?
So maybe you can try some light recipes,
similar to hot summer days recipes.

1. Try some ice for your throat, if it's hurting or

do the other way around and drink some warm milk with honey.

2. Rice porridge - it's easily made and it will slide down your throat.

You can add some appelsauce or mango sauce which makes it delicious, too.

3. fruits salad - rich on vitamins which are important for your health right now! 

4. Semolina porridge or rice pudding and every other kind of pudding.
Add special flavour, fruits or whatever you like to it.

5. farmer's cheese on your bread - it's refreshing for your body and cooling.

6. Drink some nice juice - it's rich on vitamines and gives you a nice taste. <3

7. chicken bouillon - it really helps to feel better. Or try any other kind of soup,
sweating is a good way!

8. Muesli in the morning - healthy and tasty!!

So tomorrow I will make some rice porridge. :')

And... what's more...

Spring feelings got me! ♥

I usally got easily a crush - really.
But it's more like that I guess.

We just met once before - what coincidence right now
to have contact again!

Let's see - when I recovered we will meet up.
I want to recover soon!

I haven't been on a date since last year.
After the "catastrophe" I wasn't in the mood to
fall in love again.

And now...

Do you know the feeling that you want to become extra cute
for the other one? ♥

I'm looking so forward to this.

I hope it won't be an unrequired and one-sided love again.

We have so many things in common...

I hope for some "destiny" haha...

I think, my life keeps changing, recently.

There's a lot of new stuff I haven't been into
and I'm pretty excited about the future!