Mittwoch, 21. Januar 2015

Up until now from New Year's on

Hey Girls,

how are you doing?
It's been a while - since Christmas exactly - that I wrote.
A lot of things have happened - to be honest, not so many funny things at all but it works out step by step.

The first few days I spent with last exam preparations, when the final exams, work again and that's my usual schedule: work, work, work.
I ran out of energy and I have to make it through.

Right now I also apply for different hospitals to work as a nurse afterwards.
The first was today and if the trainee day is fine I hope that they want to work with me because the conditions are pretty good.
It would be trauma surgery.

The staff executive asked me today at which ward I would like to work and I replied immediately "Trauma surgery!" without thinking - in the end it's like that.
You have many different cases and different stuff to do - although it's kind of more stressful than other wards it's another kind of stress.

I will also look for other options like outpatient departments, private clinics, etc.
So a lot to do from now on.

As I said: no fun things at all. (T_T)
But only for 7 more weeks!
Then I just have to pass the oral exam but it's within a 2 weeks break, so more time to rest.

Writing about more positive and better things:

Did you already give up your New Year's resolutions?
As for me I didn't have any... up until now.
Right now I made some since I started a new diary, too.

♪ Hold and gain 2kg weight
All the years I was annoyed about my weight, but now I want to gain at least 2-3kg this year.

♪ One Portfolio for Tokyopop
I'm already preparing stuff for a portfolio - a story I really want to draw and get printed!

♪ Travelling
I want at least see London or Amsterdam this year - I really want to see Tokyo, too and try to get into a programme therefore. It would only be for a week but that's fine with me

♪ Practising Japanese even more!

♪ Being nicer to people - esp. to my parents
We really did fight a lot in the past and that is something that was first of all caused by the stress of living together in a small flat and also by the stress I project on them.

♪ Therefore: an own flat.
I'm really looking forward to it. I may will share one with a friend but this wouldn't be so bad?

Good things which happened up until now:

♫ I made up with two people to whom I lost contact three years ago. 
We all were so relieved... <3

♫ A former friend of mine wants to make up after two years and I will try to meet her tomorrow

♫ I bought a lot of nice art materials and I'm so in love with water colors!

♫ The green tes growth energizer by ANNY really helped out my nails! They are stronger and more resistable! The 10€ were worth it. I polish them with the extract everyday and right now they are really strong so I could let them grow (if they wouldn't be in the may for work :D").
And it smells so nice <3