Sonntag, 24. August 2014

New Clothes / A few outfits / Purikura ~♪

Dear Gals,

how do you do?
Recently I was full of work again and couldn't do anything other than that.

From tomorrow on I will have my 100-days-study-programme so I'll be prepared for the exam in January.
I'm very sorry if I haven't answered to you comments or didn't leave comments on your blog entries.
I hope that at least this will change.

Yesterday I was with a friend in town to look for some longshirts or pullover.
Since it's so cold here although it's August (at the moment 8°C in the morning and around 18°C daytime) I need some thicker clothes and I really haven't got a lot of pullovers in my wardrobe.

H&M had some nice Autumn stuff but it still wasn't in the stores or the quality wasn't the best (I don't need pullovers that are as thin as a T-Shir!).
So we did a shopping tour from Friedrichstraße to Alexanderplatz and at last Kurfürstendamm.
At least I found nice stuff nontheless.

Royalblue pullover by Uniqlo - 19,95€
Navy blue blouse with transparent sleeves by H&M - 19,95€
Uniqlo stuff is pretty basic and sometimes you have to search for the cheaper
stuff but I like the quality of the fabrics there very much.
Buying the blouse was also for job interviews but I simpley fell in love with it. <3

Dress by H&M - 10,00€
It was on sale and I really love it since it's made
of thicker fabric, so I could wear it on cooler days with
a cardigan or jacket, too.

Some pictures with the worn clothes


I also really liked this silver-grey pullover by H&M,
because it was a little bit shiny...  but unfortunately also itchy. ):

We also found a lot of interesting stuff at H&M.
Especially Mickey Mouse printed things:

I really liked the shoes and the hot pants with the
Mickey Mouse belt.

Do you still know this?
Furby - the interactive speaking little... alien?
I also had one :D"

So nothing extraordinary at all but good enough.
We also went to F21 but didn't find anything interesting.
There were a lot of summer sale stuff but I don't need anymore tops or skirts. :-/
Still I thought of buying heartshaped earrings and a big checked ribbon as hair accessory... maybe next time.

So right now some outfits to show:

Yesterday's one.
Really... in the shadow too cold.
In the sun too hot. 


When there were hotter days...

Just didn't wear it for school because it was too business and
I didn't feel like black and white.

I bought this simple but very nice dress appr. three weeks ago
at Colloseum's (19,95€).
Usually, I don't like the clothes there so much
but this dress was absolutely adorable.
The upper part is in black and the basic color of the skirt part
is navy blue. Here's a better view of the pattern. 

Oh, and two weeks ago I did some purikura again with Risa ♥

That was it already for today. (>_<)

Since I bought the Jelly issue 07/2014 and I reject to say "Summer's over" I may will show you some pictures of the magazine the next time.

Until then: Have a good time! ♥