Sonntag, 8. Juni 2014

Outfit post

Hey Girls,

I haven't been posting much outfits recently - most of the days were just cold and work troubled me, so I only worn a very sloppy style.
I'm sorry. (>_<)"

So here are some simple coords I chose for school and for one or two free days.

 * kingdom checked blouse *

 * blue colours / little bit marine style *

 * striped tight skirt *

* floral top *

* just a little bit more formal *

butterfly top/dress
(Usually you don't see the hotpants but I definitely
need to wear them since it's a bit too short)


And then I had a date today and couldn't decide at first what to wear.

I bought a simple thin white blouse at Mango the day before because I have to be aware of the sun (get too easily allergic skin reactions) and I liked this combination but it was too formal for a date.
So I decided for the second outfit. I bought the shirt some days ago at Zeitgeist.


I really liked myself today! :)

But it really was hot...