Sonntag, 31. Mai 2015

London Spring 2015 (2)

Hello Gals!

Here's the 2nd part of my report about travelling to London! <3

Please enjoy!

♥ - ♥ - ♥

On the next day I started with... yeah what?
First I wanted to see the Guard Change at Buckingham Palace but rescheduled my plans and went straight to King's Cross.

I was really overwhelmed by that great constructure!

I really wanted to see the Harry Potter spot "Platform 9 3/4" and after I arrived there
(mislead to St. Pancras first) the shop salesmen welcomed one very warmhearted.

It was fun to talk with them and they complimented me on my SHERLOCKED bag I had with me the day.

Former Slytherin student sells magic stuff right now
and scares people to death!

Of course I had taken a photo.

But I didn't want to wear the Gryffindor scarf and changed to Ravenclaw.
That was an applause - because EVERYONE else wanted to have Gryffindor.
Poor Ravens!

After Harry Potter I went straight to Covent Garden.

Such a beautiful little place.

There are so many interesting stalls of art and fashion - I had another great talk
with the British water colour artist John Pester and bought an art print of him. <3

I want to paint like that, too!!

There is such a cute shop with a lot of great things!

I could buy it all... haha.
So many rabbit and owl stuff!

You could find many statues of that famous
sheep, called.... S____ - can you guess?

Agatha Christie memorial. <3

Having some time off until the next date with Sherlock,
I walked to the subway, get off at South Kingston and found... another beautiful area!
You really can say that this is a surrounding for museums!
So much flair!
I wanted to go the Japanese restaurant TOMBO for a small lunch.
Eating lunch in that little fancy restaurant and buying some matcha sea as a souvenir,
I had to head back to the Museum of London.

The next stop was another Sherlock-thing.

In the subway a girl smiled at me, seeing my bag and we started to have a conversation.
We figured out, that we don't live too apart - she was from Swiss - and that we are both
huge Sherlock fans. <3

She also claimed that there would be a Sherlock Con just two weeks later - but there weren't
any tickets left, we guessed.

The exhibition was great!
You could see so many interesting things of the history of London, the Victorian era, Sherlock Holmes, Sir Conan Arthur Doyle himself and even some original scripts written by Edgar Ellen Poe!

Original notes by Sir C.A. Doyle

The designed coat for Cumberbatch in Sherlock

Rearranged noteboard of one Sherlock episode

Afterwards you could also walk along the other parts of the Museum of London.
Next time I want to go there, too.
I was just too exhausted by walking and having so many great impressions I left it out.

Now it was time for some walk to St. Paul's cathedrale, Millenium Bridge and Tower Bridge.
I overestimated the path length from Millenium Bridge to the Tower Bridge but it was worth it.
I could also see Shakespeare's Globe theatre, a lot of Shaun the sheep figures (lol) and some more
great little spots along the road.

St Paul's Cathedral, backyard

Plaza in front of St Paul's

Way to Millenium Bridge

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

London's famoust clink

St Mary Axe / The Gherkin

At Tower Bridge, I went to the exhibition.
Actually, I just wanted to have the great outlook but the exhibition about the history of the building was so exciting that I had to see it all!

Tower Bridge

Sightseeing from the Tower Bridge

But really tired I just had to go to some restaurant, eating dinner.
This time, I went to ATARIYA, at Swiss Cottage - another great area.
It was funny because three little girls were walking behind me, talking German, and just wanted to make a little fun an greated me in English.
But I answered them in German because I overheard their talk and they were so stunned. Haha!

Eating at ATARIYA was delicious. The staff was great.
I could even practised Japanese... at least I thought so.

But lucky me got the Korean waiter, haha.
"Sorry, I'm not Japanese."
How embarrassing!

But the chef in front of me just looked surprised and as our looks crossed he said "Un. Good Japanese."

We said Goodbye afterwards in Japanese, too.
The restaurant is really nice since a lot of salarymen, etc. come here.
It isn't cheap but I think nothing is in London.

Wow, that was a day!

♥ - - ♥

So after two great days I already had to leave the country again.

The backflight wasn't too comfortable - I think the pressure equalization
wasn't the best. I really had problems with my ears and conciousness.
(>__<) - And it was pretty stressful at the airport.
I really don't like airports at all.

it was so worth it!!

Seeing the photos now I just want to go back!!

I already miss the city and its residents so much.
The culture, the great spots, the city's history...
(Except the food)

See you soon, London! 

♥ - ♥ - ♥

I should watch the K-On movie now <3

Freitag, 22. Mai 2015

London Spring 2015 (1)

Hello Gals!

Today I want to talk about my short trip to London! <3

I've never been in this city before, so I was really looking forward to it
and furthermore it was the first time that I travelled alone to another country.

I decided very spontaneously but got some price offer, booking the flight and hotel.

On 7th April the flight to London Luton started at Berlin Schönefeld,
so I needed an hour to go there.
I really have to plan more time for the check-in next time but I just got my flight, haha.

Best weather and listening to
"Au revoir" by Mark Forster.

Waiting for boarding.

Around 10AM we arrived after a safe flight with Easyjet airlines.
I've never heard of Luton before but it's a nice little airport with all the important stuff you need.
I just checked the shops and already knew that I wouldn't eat one of those packed sandwiches there.
My stomach really is sensitive but the sandwiches weren't my favourite kind of food, too.

Waiting for my National Express.

For real:
William and Kate masks?

With the national express bus I got into town.
We stopped at Baker Street and I was so happy to be there since I'm a Sherlockian and just being there let my heart thump loudly and fast.

My first red London bus I've ever seen live. <3

With the tube I went to Paddington - and I got lost.
Choosing the wrong exit I really needed my twenty minutes to get to the main road.
Finding my hotel in the Sussex area, it was already possible to check-in and I just took some photos in my room and recorded the first video.

My room was a single one - small but nice.
The bed was doublesized but I liked it very much. It was very comfortable.
Very British in every single way.

Just putting down my handbag I went straightly back to Baker Street - just having a stop at Tesco's to buy some water and bananas.
Around Baker Street is this pretty awesome Sherlock Holmes sculpture.
A nice lady could be ask to take a photo of me in front of it.
(I get used to ask people for this, haha)
Unfortunately I just noticed back home that the sculpture was also able to speak.

Just love the architecture of that station

The queue in front of the Sherlock Holmes museum was a bit long but you really didn't have to wait too long.
Just buying the ticket in the shop next door I was able to take a look at all the nice merchandise.

The Sherlock Holmes museum really is great!
It was awesome seeing all the rooms and the details of Holmes' work.

Afterwards I just needed to buy some things in the shop - but that wasn't the last time of buying something there, haha.

We're a good team

Couldn't resist to do the Sherlock pose

Here you could put your own little note.
A great kind of guestbook. <3

Now I wanted to go to the National Gallery because there are so many famous paintings and there isn't any entrance fee.
Going to Picadilly Circus with the tube it was really exciting stnading there and at Trafalgar Square later.
I only could have a quick glance of the Gallery because it was closing soon and there are to many rooms and ways to go through.

Outside there are already was a lot of action at Trafalgar Square.
Many people meet here, there are also a lot of street performers and musicians so I took a little break and shared the moment with nice music.

Pretty nice singer!

The typical telephone boxes

The weather just was wonderful, so I had to go to London Eye next.
It really isn't cheap but totally worth its money - you have a wonderful view for 30 minutes. <3

Afterwards I just had to walk to the Big Ben, doing some little sketch on my way of the Themse and enjoy the beautiful sight of this spot.

The bell's sound is absolutely unique! <3

My home is my castle -  or something like that, right? ;D

Part II is in preparation process! <3

See you! <3