Donnerstag, 1. Juni 2017

Haul: essence eyeshadow palette

Hello everyone!

Summer's here. We had some really hot days recently but now everything is cooling down again.
That's more than good for me as I can't bear the sudden warmth.

Well I haven't bought a lot of make-up recently.
But because my favourite brand KIKO replaced its good old round eyeshadows and also the colours I had to look for other options.

I really love pink eyeshadow and always wear a combination of white, nude and pink on my lids.
Since KIKO I love to have a golden glimmer in the pink one, so it was really hard to find fitting eyeshadows.

Now, essence got a new line up in out drugstores - And I couldn't resist to buy them.

I won't write anything about the quality.
Before I put eyeshadow on my lids I always put on some foundation.
So there isn't any problem with the "non lasting" fact.

But there is something else I wanna write about:

essence sells the eyeshadows in small pots and they sell a palette extra - two sizes.

Good thing: you won't have a lot of pots in your beautycase if you're going out.
They are placed neatly in the palette and can't drop out or smear your case.

Bad thing: the palette is big. The former eyeshadow combinations "quattro" were much more handy to take them with you.

I think it would have been nice if they sell the palettes with a brush.

Nevertheless I really love the colours.
Even the white is a bit shimmering. <3

Do you noticed the names? 
Snowflake - Cotton candy - Raspberry Frosting.
Lovely <3

I'm happy to have found my dearest colours again.
I always wear three or more colours - so I have to smudge them casually.

But doing eye make-up is one of my favourite things!

And the best: Everything I need I can get now by essence for a good price.