Samstag, 28. September 2013

Short information

Dear Gals,

I haven't written anything for a really long time and I won't write a lot today, too.
The last three weeks were absolutely full of work.
This was one of my hardest internships I've had in the last 1,5 years.

And today, finally free week end again, when I should go to my friend's wedding, I couldn't because thanks to a patient I got another light kind of gastric flu.
I'm happy that it's just feeling sick but that's enough for me because I've got this every 3 months! (_ _)
So I'm absolutely not in the mood for anything else than watching my NCIS DVDs or reading the books I haven't finished.

I'm sorry that I can't write anything interesting at all, recently.
I still have to show you one new "clothing" I bought in Hamburg.

Please take care!

Donnerstag, 5. September 2013

DIY mobile case // new yukata ♥

Dear Gals,

today I just wanted to report some DIY stuff.

Usually I'm not much into sewing if it isn't for cosplay.
But since I needed a cute little present for a friend who I haven't met for ages I thought of showing you the following.

It may be interesting for people in Germany who have access to Tchibo-shops.

Right at the moment they sell a lot of sewing accessories.
I really like the colorful yarn because it has good quality and you get a lot of colors at the same time.
But that wasn't the thing I needed.

They also sold some packs, including fabric and patterns for mobile phone cases, beauty cases or bags.
I really liked the idea and the fabric of the mobile case and so I wanted to try out.

I was surprised that the fabric really was enough to sew.
That the patterns were right and that the instruction (except two little missing things) were understandable. (But if you haven't sewn anything yet, it may be difficult.

So you see how it should look... and what was my result?

I was totally satisfied with the outcome although it was hard to sew through six or seven layers, including thick fleece (seriously, people?!) - my poor, poor sewing machine!

The only problem was the small loop because it's the wrong side!
But according to the instructions this was right... O__o"
Well never the less my friend was happy about this present and I will definitely use the pattern again for some other mobile phone or sunglass cases if I like. ^^

Then... another thing... a few days ago a package from my dear penpal Chie arrived.
I just opened it today because I was so busy the last days and... what did I receive... I couldn't believe it... a Yukata-set!! <3

I really like traditional Japanese clothing and most of all Yukata and Kimono.
The only problem is: where to wear it?!
We don't have summer festivals or a lot of Asian culture festivals here, so it's hard to find an opportunity but nevertheless I'm in love with them! ♥

My new Yukata has got a sakura pattern and is in nice elegant black.
A simple red obi also belongs to it and some geta, too, but since I don't have a 37/38 shoesize they don't fit.

Ah, I'm so happy about that Yukata and really hope to wear it soon. ♥
If I'm (really, really!) lucky I can attend a mid-autumn festival/tsukimi in mid September.
That would definitely worth to wear this beautiful clothing!