Donnerstag, 24. Dezember 2015

December Haul

So I prepared this blog entry for the weekend but severeal things came up, so I'm just now able to post it!

It's time for a large HAUL blog entry.

You know, because of moving out and a lot of things I had to buy for the flat, there wasn't real space for buying nice things for myself.
But now I really had to, thanks to my new job.

As an office worker (and moreover in a good notary's office) it's important to look reliable and neat, too.
We have a lot of important clients.

Becaue I've never worked in an office before I only had a pair of trousers (which are too large) and three or four blouses. No pencil skirt, no fitting shoes (still not have for winter...  hard to find right now).

So the first things I bought were some office clothings (all by H&M).

blue blouse - 15€, grey striped blouse - 14,95€ - black trousers 19,95€
Christmas blanket 9,95€ - and a MOSAIK comic haha

Now it's winter and the cold season means that I also need some more warm pullovers and shirts.
And after all I also found.... shoes. It's so hard to find good, warm and hydrophobic boots....
Therefore the next buyings were the following.

red cord skirt - 19,99€, black white skirt - 24,99€ -
grey cardigan - 14,99€  --- all by BonPrix
black pencil skirt - 9,95€ --- by New Yorker
brown leather boots - 160 € --- by Ecco

And just a week ago I looked on the internet for some nice bag.
I found two CK bags on ebay and got the darker one - fortunately - for such a cheap price (15€)!!
I am so happy!

I really like looking on ebay for a lot of expensive brands.
Sometimes you're just lucky. <3

What else?

Christmas is near and I've got my very own Christmas tree!
It's an artificial one but I really like it!
And these days I bought some Christmas balls made of glass for only 8€!

Thanks to my company's Christmas party and the Trash Secret Santa I also got a great drinking bottle.

The startup soulbottles created the bottles made of glass with the idea that you drink water from the tap in summer. It's a company in Berlin and since we got the best drinking water it's no problem to do so. :)

The design is well chosen - you have a lot of motifs. And there are a lot more - every single season.

Samstag, 12. Dezember 2015

Finally got a good job!


that's how I can call it.

Since two weeks I work as a secretary in
an attorney's office.

There are a lot of things to do and to learn...

Joking. It's pretty fun!
It's really interesting and my coworkers and my bosses
are so nice.

And the best thing is:
I finally can get dressed in a pretty representative way, too. ♥
Wearing fine clothes, have your nails, your make-up and hair done...
every day! ♥ ♥ ♥

And so I will show you some pictures with
a December haul - next time. ♥
As for now:

Good Night. 

I'm happy.